Ear Acupuncture

ear acupuncture croppedAlso called auricular acupuncture and auriculotherapy, this is a complete treatment system in itself.

Ear acupuncture is an excellent and highly affordable treatment option, in particular for stress, weight loss, to stop smoking and to overcome addiction. This treatment costs £5 per person.

Auricular Acupuncture CamberwellEar acupuncture is a micro-system of acupuncture – meaning the whole body can be treated through just one of its parts. In the 1950s, a French neurologist, observed sciatica (lower back pain radiating down the leg) being treated by cauterising part of the ear. Through extensive research he developed the early form of this approach (although there is evidence of ear acupuncture systems already existing in China and South Korea), where stimulation to certain parts of the ear through needling, massage or electronic stimulation caused a resonant response in different parts of the body. His work included the theory that the ear can be seen to represent the foetus (see image).

Auricular Acupuncture CamberwellEar acupuncture is offered at Camberwell Community Acupuncture as the budget treatment option, performed with you sitting in a chair and remaining there for 15-30 minutes with the needles in. It is still a very powerful and effective treatment option, but you do not need to book a treatment time, just drop in for minimal fuss treatment.

Just drop in anytime from 2.30pm-6.15pm TUESDAYS ONLY for ear acupuncture, or for diagnosis and full body treatment book an appointment.


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