George Monkhouse AcupuncturistGeorge Monkhouse LicAc MBAcC

George is an international acupuncturist, natural health expert and healthcare pioneer.

An expert in strong natural medicine, he specialises in chronic illness, rapid pain relief, stress relief and optimising all vital functioning.

George treats many patients with ‘difficult to treat’ conditions, including migraines, cancer, heart and cardiovascular problems, autoimmune conditions, liver issues, anxiety and depression, addiction, chronic pain and injury, digestive issues, gynaecological problems.

He is passionate about clean living, healthy and conscious food and an active lifestyle and can advise you on how to use your daily habits to nourish your health.

George’s main mentors are: the world renowned John Tindall, pioneer of the Gateway NHS Clinic, specialist in liver, trauma, addiction and cancer; and the world renowned Bob Doane: pioneer of the DNA and MPD methods and specialist in heart health, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

He works with professional athletes, fighters and yogis to keep them in peak condition. He also works with business leaders and senior managers to establish a workplace culture, environment and infrastructure that fosters well being and productivity. For his private 1-1 practice please see here.

Marion Rollings LicAc MBAcCCamberwell acupuncturists

Marion has over 10 years experience treating in the famous pioneering multibed The Gateway Clinic and has taught yoga for over a decade.

“My interest in acupuncture arose out of my study of Shiatsu massage where I was introduced to the concepts of Chinese Medicine. Once I’d finished my Shiatsu training I started a full time 3 year degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Westminster University, graduating in 2003 with a BSc Hons. From London I travelled to a teaching hospital in Chengdu China to observe and study acupuncture and Tuina this experience gave me an insight into how acupuncture can be used alongside conventional medicine.

On my return from China I started working at the NHS Gateway Clinic in South London, a multi bed clinic treating a whole spectrum of conditions under the mentorship of senior practitioners. I continued to work there for 10 years loving the variety and invaluable experience it gave me. Whilst I was at the Gateway I also worked for 7 years as the acupuncturist at The Crossing in East Finchley to support people through their recovery from substance abuse and misuse.

In 2007 I completed my postgraduate training in Chinese Herbal Patent Remedies at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading. As well as Shiatsu I have also studied Swedish and Thai massage. I am currently studying Postural Integration with Silke Ziehl at The Open Centre in Old St.


I started going to yoga classes when I was 14 and haven’t stopped since. I went to India to do my teacher training at the Sivannanda yoga ashram in Trivandrum under the recommendation of my teachers at the time in 2003. Since returning from India the popularity of yoga grew in London and my curiosity led me to a variety of types of yoga. Yoga experiences along the way have been with Yogamonks with Jonathan Monks, Acroyoga, Iyengar and Forrest Yoga.”

Please ask Marion directly for yoga class information as she teaches in various locations throughout the week.

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