The Get Well Clinic is a reduced price treatment clinic, and as such, in order to be able to offer this more affordable option, we ask that you pay what is affordable to you. There is no means testing, no-one regulates what you pay except you.

We offer this service so we can reach more people with this great medicine that has stood the test of time for millennia.

Treatments – £20-40 (you choose). If not sure what to pay, £30 is standard.

The initial diagnosis – £10

Your first visit includes both the diagnosis and the first treatment.

Ear acupuncture costs £5. No booking required, just drop in anytime 2.45-6.15pm Tuesdays.

For Chinese self healing practices of qigong, meditation, nutrition, breathing techniques, emotion balancing and more, visit

If you can help us attract publicity in South London or London in general, please contact us.

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