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ZenYoga offers many healthcare and self development options, such as Zen Buddhism, acupuncture, qigong, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Camberwell Community Acupuncture

An acupuncture practice in South East London, SE5, making all round healthcare more affordable.

Serving the local community

Giving you more options in how you engage with health; grounded in the universal principles of
Balance, Harmony and Vitality.

3.15-6.45PM TUESDAYS.

The Get Well Clinic
community acupuncture in Camberwell -
an affordable acupuncture practice
in Southwark.

ZenYoga, Camberwell Grove, SE5 8RE
Booking is required.

A sociable and accessible service that makes acupuncture treatment available to more members of the public through reduced treatment fees.

Chinese medicine, through acupuncture, lifestyle and dietary changes, focuses on the resolution of symptoms, health and vitality in all areas through assessing and refining balance and harmony. Whether you are looking for short term solutions such as resolving pain and injury, or clearing a cold, or chronic conditions such as anxiety, heart disease and cancer, Chinese medicine helps you achieve lasting benefits.

'Community' or 'multibed' acupuncture sees a number of treatment tables in the same room so several people can be treated at once, with partitions dividing the space. Whilst there is not the same privacy as one-to-one treatments, most people readily enjoy this setting, enjoying the benefits of a group environment - where knowledge, stories and friendship can be readily shared.

The clinic was founded by acupuncturist George Monkhouse LicAc MBAcC in 2014 to provide treatment to the larger community who otherwise cannot access the ancient practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.


Holistic medicine in the community 'multi-bed' setting - what it involves and its benefits over 1-1 treatment.

Ear Acupuncture

Ear Acupuncture
Budget drop-in option for general health, stress, weight loss and addiction.


Dragon & Tiger Qigong, an internal medical martial art like Tai Chi. Health for a fit and flexible body and mind.


Home of the Get Well Clinic. A mecca of Zen meditation practice, yoga and qigong.
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